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That time of the year.

That time of the year.

Right after Copenhagen fashion week I usually come back up to Stockholm with a lot of inspiration. Or a lot of will to create something new: brave, colorful... Something that sticks out. Me and Josephine, the designer of 5preview, spent one day at the Revolver trade show, one day in thrift stores and one day at the museum Glyptoteket- among white marble statues and green plants. That place is truly amazing: quiet and beautiful.

Today I went to one of my favorite shops in Stockholm. At Mosebacke, close to our old studio, you find (well you have to look for it ) Konstnärernas Centralköp. It's all stripped off, just the essential. More like a warehouse. And they have everything! All kinds of color, paper, pencils, crayons, pigments and powders. The simplicity of the place makes me want to do things, try new techniques, draw and paint without rules and restrictions and then chose what could be nice for the new collection. I think it's important that the creative part in making a collection takes time, but not too much time as it is in fact, limited. So this time I'm trying gouache. I've been painting my whole life but I never tried gouache, and I LOVE it. The way it covers up, how easy it is to create color fields / block color. For big allover prints I think it will be perfect. I want to mix different patterns in a big placed print this time, and we're working on a lot of kaftans and robes for SS20 so I think it will be perfect. Back to work!


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