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Travel light.

Travel light. 

The perfect holiday wardrobe. Aren't we all striving to find it? To NOT bring any unnecessary items, but only the ones you can use again and again. Versatile items are the best, the dress that can be comfortable going to the beach but fancy at night. Here is my checklist:

  • A pair of shorts. Usually I wear a pair of cropped jeans, something casual.
  • Long wide easy trousers, to wear during traveling or cold evenings.
  • A couple of cotton T-shirts, a black and a white for different occasions (white for day, black for evening).
  • A couple of jersey tanktops
  • An oversized hoodie. It's better than a jacket (that I always bring and never use). For some privacy during traveling, for late nights or early mornings.
  • A couple of long dresses or kaftans in light materials. Different from each other (one belted shirt dress, one maxi kaftan).
  • An oversized shirt, to cover from the sun or just for cover up on the beach. Could also be used as a short dress. 
  • A jumpsuit. The perfect “going to dinner” outfit, don't need any styling, just put it on!
  • ...and swimsuit, a scarf and underwear of course. 

When I think of the design of the 5PREVIEW summer collections I always keep this in mind, so you can find all these items there. The pastel color palette of SS19 is really nice for warm weather. Today in Stockholm it's raining and cold. I've already booked my summer holidays (family life needs some planning!) and if I can fit all these things in our JACK Weekendbag (with some good luck and Kon Marie folding) 

I'm so ready to leave!

// Emeli