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Our Blog...

...must be one of the ugliest on the whole www...I see so many customized organized pimped up blogs everyday and I feel a bit guilty about ours...but anyway we do T-shirts not blogging so I guess it's OK...And I have no idea how to do it.

Getting back to Rome tomorrow...and Vince & CO will help us with the new website. It has been "coming soon" / "under construction" for too long now...

Here are 2 blogs that wrote about us the last week:

"Their designs, lending a lot to the punk-rock attitude of the world's youth are sure to appeal to anyone with a cynical attitude towards the fashion industry, anyone with a sense of humour, and anyone simply in the market for a stylish and individual piece of clothing."

"5 preview based in italy takes iconic symbols and produces a handprinted Unisex line of tees that are sleek,and understated...the kind of tee you end up wearing to shreds... Enjoy!"