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The Teenagers vs. 5preview

Pic: Andy Whitton
Quentin Delafon spends most of the gig in the photopit

The Teenagers tried to start a stage invasion at Leeds Festival tonight (August 23), but were only managed to get two people onstage.

Before the band performed their debut single 'Homecoming' on the Festival Republic tent, singer Quentin Delafon asked security if they could get "some girls" onstage.

However, the security guards said that only two could join them on onstage for the song.

Addressing the girls who were picked out, Delafon told them: "If you're not gonna sing, you have to dance!"

The singer then spent most of the gig in the photo pit at the front of the stage getting close with the audience, who danced throughout the set.

The Parisian trio were backed by a drummer and synth player for the gig, during which they performed almost all of their 2008 debut album 'Reality Check'.