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5Preview X SDNYC: Sophia Lamar

Presenting the newest addition to the 5PREVIEW X collaboration, New York City's legendary party girl... SOPHIA LAMAR!

A living triumph over nature, Sophia Lamar escaped the oppressive conditions of Castro’s Cuba for the blank slate of the USA, refashioning herself into a leading light constantly at the pinnacle of NY nightlife. As a “professional human being,” Sophia has been spicing up lives at such legendary clubs like Limelight, Life, Spa and Luxx, and hosted notorious parties like Motherfucker and Disco 2000.

Her image has graced countless periodicals such as “V,” “Vogue,” “Vanidad,” “Detour,” “The Face” and “Paper,” photographed by the likes of Terry Richardson, Thierey le Goues, Joshua Jordan, Dah Len, and John Scarisbrick. She was featured in a Levi’s campaign shot by Albert Watson, and also in books like Francois Nars’ “X-Ray” and Deitch Projects’ “Live Through This: NYC 2005.”

Whether it’s at the party or the show, on the runway or the screen, in the gallery or the magazine, Sophia is constantly serving it up on a razorsharp tray.

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