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FEATURE: 'NEVERMIND' volume t-shirt

NEVERMIND was the hugely influential grunge rock album released in 1991 by the legendary Seattle based band Nirvana. As homage to their classic hit 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' is our SS13 'NEVERMIND' volume t.shirt. Made from 100% modal, this tee has the famous lyrics 'Oh well, whatever, nevermind' jacquard knitted into the front. Are you a fan? Get your 'NEVERMIND' tee HERE!

Some interesting facts about the album NEVERMIND...

Nirvana were kicked out of their own 'Nevermind' release party

The bash at the tiny Seattle venue Rebar got messy quickly, as Cobain and his cohorts showed up tipsy, started tossing around a watermelon filled with ranch dressing from the food spread and were eventually shown the door.

'Nevermind' was originally titled 'Sheep'

The title was a Cobain manifesto on conformity. And 'Nevermind' isn't even a real word -- "never mind," two separate words, is grammatically correct.

Nirvana almost split up over a tiff about ‘Nevermind’ royalties

Six months after the album dropped, Cobain suddenly demanded a much larger slice of the proverbial pie -- to take effect retroactively. Novoselic and Grohl almost quit the band in protest.

‘Nevermind’ famously knocked Michael Jackson’s ‘Dangerous’ off the top of the charts

In a addition to overtaking the No. 1 spot from the King of Pop's album, 'Nevermind' spent a total of 252 weeks on the Billboard 200 albums tally. But who bumped Nirvana off the top spot the following week? None other than country superstar Garth Brooks, with ‘Ropin the Wind.’