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Our newest addition to our 5PREVIEW store features is the online boutique, Isa Couture! Founded, owned and run by the lovely Isa, her business is currently based in Gothenburg in the south of Sweden. 

Stocking designers such as Örjan Andersson, By Marlene Birger, Victoria Beckham and, of course, 5PREVIEW, Isa Couture offers a huge variety of products from clothing to home wares. You can also check out Isa's day to day outfits on her blog ISA BSSON.

Below she has answered the 5PREVIEW 5 quick questions...

Where in the world do you find the best shopping? of course!

Who is your favorite style icon? 

Tough one.. its a mix.  I find inspiration from so many people with so many different types of styles, but if I really had to choose one it would be Brigitte Bardot. Without a doubt. In her prime she was both, sexy, sensual, feminine and beautiful. She is timeless. The styles she wore in the sixties you can just as well wear today..

What is your favorite fashion item? 

Right now? That's got to be My over sized (volume) T shirt CAVOUR print No 122 black. That's the honest truth. Check out my blog and you will see that i wear it on average 3 days a week.. :) By the way, I wash it in between wears.

What cultural piece(I.e Book, movie, music) have influenced your style the most? 

Tough one again, i listen to all kind of music. From classical to house so its a wide range of different styles and the same goes for how I'm inspired. I would say that a lot inspires me and its the variety that gives the most inspiration. It´s impossible for me to pin point one source because that would be telling a lie..

What's your favorite item from the 5preview collection?

Easy! My NEW CAVOUR volume t-shirt,  the NEW CAVOUR over sized knitted t-shirt, grey oversized t-shirt with 5PW print.