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TABULA RASA: The NEW AW14-15 Collection by 5PREVIEW
TABULA RASA is Latin for a blank sheet. The Autumn Winter 2014-15 TABULA RASA collection was literally created from scratch, starting with a plain white piece of paper in a deserted cabin with limited access to society.

The initial inspiration was drawn from old video tapes such as Wim Wenders “Wings of desire”, Cameron Crowes “Singles” and Shane Meadows “This is England” while listening to a confusing nostalgic playlist from high school including the likes of PJ Harvey’s “ Billy”, Toots and the Maytals “54-46” and Lydia Lunch’s “Spooky”.

There is a distinct dark undertone to this collection. As in the book ‘Emile’ by French Philosopher Jean- Jacques Rousseau this collection started as TABULA RASA, a newborn child, a clean slate, then over time was influenced by it’s surroundings; cult films, alternative music and gritty subcultures.

While presenting a strong sense of nostalgia for counter cultures of the past the TABULA RASA collection also returns to the core of 5PREVIEW as a label. It returns to a simpler colour palette of black, white and grey with the addition of some neutral camels and navy blues. It has also returned to the idea of the 5 PIECE WARDROBE, which are the essential garments for every wardrobe. This TABULA RASA collection aims to bring previous concepts to a new level by starting with a clean slate.

Black is the most predominant shade. Black prints on black with the saying ‘I will stop wearing black when they invent a darker color’ it’s not hard to see who we are! Textures have become extremely important in the black section of the collection. We have used fabrications such a faux shearling to create a contrast, as well as shiny on matt and flock on transparency.

TABULA RASA is now available at selected stores world wide and will soon be available to purchase from our online store.