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The cover image of 5 Piece Paper is by the Stockholm based photographer and stylist duo Nikodem and Jonathan. Alongside their extra ordinary editorial, we got to know their earliest fashion memory and how they started to work together.

Photography: Nikodem Calczynaski

Styling: Jonathan Krook
MUAH: Jannica Dackéus
Models: Fillippos P, Axel B, Marlon A

Hi Nik and Jonathan! How are you feeling today?
I'm feeling very well, thank you. I recently got an internship at the Swedish brands Bxxlght and Blue Billie. With a lot of creative freedom within photography, interior design, jewellery design etc. It activates for me and fits me perfectly.

J: I feel good today, recently arrived from two intense weeks in Berlin and things are coming in order again. Enjoying fall in Stockholm, that black coats are possible to wear and sipping on take away coffee all day long.

Tell us, How did you two start working together?
We think it's a cliché to say it was faith, but it kind of was. After dancing at a rave for countless hours we felt an urge to go out into the woods and capture the moment, we both still love to be creative and take photos during and after a party, Jonathan was posing in his gigantic fur and the whole process escalated until the battery was dead and the memory card full. After that we started planning photo sessions and found ourselves having similar aesthetics. With Nikodem's ability to capture moments that feel raw and filmic and my background in fashion mixed with my craving to create starting a duo felt natural to do.

What are your earliest memories involving fashion?
My earliest memories involving fashion are mostly sad ones, think a dirty pair of oversized jeans mixed with an equally oversized down-jacket from Speedway. Time passed and I met Jonathan who taught me his ways and brought me over to the dark side, now I dress like im going to a funeral every day.

J: The first lesson I learned in life was stay skinny, read Vogue and dress in black. Now I understand that there is more in life than just black, there's also several shades of grey including white of course, haha.

What's the inspiration behind the Lost Boys shoot?
We wanted to create a mysterious vibe in the photos, some kind of schizophrenic conspiracy, think 'Trainspotting' blended with an equal amount of 'Party Monster' vibes. Industrial materials like plastic, metal and concrete were the main source of inspiration on shoot, mixed with various types of smoke it created a very disoriented feeling throughout.

How do you contribute towards a more genderless fashion scene?
N: Genderless fashion is to me a given since fashion doesn't have a gender, it's nothing but dead fabric and material, which is why I wear what makes me feel good. Professionally I wont stop lifting this aesthetic until it becomes the standard and genderless fashion becomes nothing but a thing of the past.

J: My contribution I think is just being myself. I don't see that fashion ever had a gender and it still doesn't. I think the moment to contribute to a genderless fashion scene is now, things are slowly becoming more normalized and accepted. Professionally I love to express a bit of myself in my work and genderless fashion has always been a part of me.