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PEOPLE: Chariza Miranda, Le-Visualiste

Say hi to Chariza Miranda, 21 year old self claimed visionary from seaside town Southend in England with a passion for all things conceptual and creative.
Chariza styles our KURT Faux Leather Backpack (That also can turn into a tote bag) with the double denim outfit!
Photos by Rhys Cox.

From day to day, what is always in your bag?
You'll find a number of essential things in my bag everyday - my purse, travel cards, blotting powder, a few lip products and more important things like, my camera, film cameras, extra films, power bank, earphones and my keys with the Sriracha hot sauce keychain (this is very important). 

What are 5 your favorite songs at the moment?
It's been pretty deep.. 

Do you have any exciting projects going on?
I always have some sort of 'something' for my blog. I've been working with independent brands that I truly support, so there's going to be more of those. I've also collected a good amount of film cameras. I've been snapping my friends and just some random moments. They'll be dumped in a fancy photo diary on my website. Hopefully!

Follow Chariza on Instagram and read her blog here