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In the land of smiles, Gus is a creative busy friend of ours. Photographer and Dj, YASHIGUS captured on 35mm film our Travel Light collection with models Isfern, Nanchey and Stam on the paradise island Samed in Thailand. We also had a little chat with him..

Hi Gus! Who are you?
My name is Jedpiya Wongwutthichaisilp (Gus), I am born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. I'm a film photographer & DJ. I'm also collect vintage clothing and I have my own clothing line. I'm a busy man :)

How is the creative scene in Bangkok and Thailand in general?
It is pretty small and slow. And everyone doing the same thing!

What inspires you?

Music, film and art. In Bangkok city you will find so many things going on, all the time. Graffiti and tags are everywhere and there is always some story behind those name, my city really inspired me.

When you are not taking photos, what else do you do?
I dj, make clothes, riding my bmx and hang out with my friends.

Tell us about your dream travel..
I would like to move to Tokyo, but also travel to New York and Spain is on my list too. 

Follow Gus here and models @isfern @sstam and @nanchey!

Pic 1 - Isfern is wearing UNDERGROUND Denim Low Waist BLACK&WHITE
Pic 2 - Nanchey is wearing NOELLE Dress
Pic 3 - Nanchey is wearing IRIS LONG Dress
Pic 4 and Pic 5 - Stam is wearing AGNES Net Tank
Pic 6 - Nanchey is wearing JEANNETTE Long Denim Coat