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The gorl from Sweden, with a passion for writing and a playful style. This is the first time we met Agnes and we wanted to get to know her more. Scroll down and enjoy our interview. 

What are three things you want people to know about you?
Shit!! This is hard! I want people to know that I am an aspiring writer, an amazing chef and that I’m like REALLY good at minesweeper.

If you could buy anything in the world right now, what would it be?
My first thought was a reaaaaally nice red thai curry hehe. But no, I would love to buy an apartment for myself, with a nice balcony and a big kitchen.

If you were a painting, what would it look like?
Oh wow!! I think it would be a gigantic painting with different shades of pastel pink splashed all over it, like I want you to imagine that the painter is a bratz doll on drugs haha. Or a painting filled with big colorful fields that weirdly works unexpectedly well together!

What’s your dream project to work on?
I’m sort of working on it right now actually! It’s a book! And it’s amazing, it’s my baby! But if I’m gonna dream even bigger, I do have this fantasy of a creative space for women in the arts at some idyllic island with just constant collaborations and exchanges of ideas. That must be my ultimate LIFE DREAM PROJECT. 

Where do you look for inspiration?
When it comes to my style the inspiration is everywhere. I do not feel as if I have one specific style that I stick to, my clothes decide what kind of person I’ll be for the day. It’s like I’m playing dress up. I like to play with people’s expectations, I want to be unpredictable and shocking. I remember sitting on the metro in Lisbon on my way to work dressed in fishnets, tight clothes and super dark make up and then taking my yarn from my bag and starting knitting. The expressions were priceless, they didn’t know what to do with me.

When are you the most creative?
When I should be sleeping

What’s in your bag?
I never go anywhere without a water bottle, haha my friends make fun of me because of it. I really panic without it. I’ve also started to always have chewing gums in there because I have this theory that people can not NOT like you if you’re the person who always has chewing gum. And yeah, snus of course!

Do you live by a motto? If so, what is it?
I don’t really do. I have a mantra that I like to repeat that is ‘everything will always be okay’. I suffer from depression and anxiety and I often get caught in these negative and catastrophically thoughts and I tend to need the reminder that things almost always (NO, ALWAYS) works out and are bigger in my head than in reality.

Who is your role model?
Is it too cheesy if I say my mom? No but she really is. She’s my rock, my best friend and everything I aspire to be in life. 


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Agnes is wearing the SILJE Dress in foliage print.