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Long lasting clothes

Long lasting clothes. 

Let's talk about how to take care of your clothes and the planet on the same time. Here comes some tips and tricks on how to store, wash and fix your clothes. 

Buy fabrics that are long lasting, like linen, lyocell and TENCEL®Lyocell and TENCEL® (a branded lyocell), is made from cellulose fibre that comes from pulp of fast growing trees such as eucalyptus and beech. Linen requires less water to make than cotton and doesn’t require any chemical fertilises and pesticides. Made from flax, it is also biodegradable.

Try to ventilate your clothes instead of washing them. The more you wash them, the more they lose their quality.

Try to wash less frequently and use a laundry bag. Read the washing instructions carefully before you wash. And think about the environment when you wash - cold water saves energy.

Synthetic garments release micro fibers when they are washed, small plastic particles that cannot be caught when the water is cleaned. With a special laundry bag, the fibers can be caught in the machine and never end up in the sea. 

Learn to complete basic repairs on your garments, such as replacing a loose thread or a missing button. Small things can make them last longer and save you money. 

New life.
Are you tired of your clothes? Try to take away the sleeves of the top, add details, shorten the dress to a shirt or give it to a friend or charity. 

Take care ❣️

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