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The DARIA bag

The DARIA bag.

...that I'm carrying around every day, is from our current collection, SS19. I love it, it's so great in many ways. The stiffness, that makes it look new, even if I've used it a lot, the black and white – typical 5preview with the eye catching “CAVOUR” print. Well, me and DARIA found each other some months ago. But actually it was love at first sight, it started almost a year ago when we designed her. A typical “last minute design” that turns out to be the best. Sometimes it's not necessary to overthink things. “We have a circle handle, what do we want to create around it?”

“A mini-bag that fits the necessary, not too funny not too serious - yet a little playful to be recognizable”.

5 minutes later the sketches were on their way to the factory, just in time.

I often get the questions if I wear “my own designs” and the answer is “Sometimes”. When the collection is “in progress”, about a year before it hits the stores, we get prototypes in from the factories, and if we get them in the right fabric and the right color I love to wear them, when they're “new & fresh”. Because we always try to do things that we love ourselves, me & Josephine. It would be impossible to work in a different way, at least for me. I'd say that I could wear 80 % of the collection, then of course there are things that maybe does not fit me for different reasons. But do I wear 5preview? When the current collection is out, we're already one year ahead and I really want the newest things. The things that are on the way from the factories. It's always a “forward-movement”. From the SS19 collection I'd say we have more timeless pieces that I'm not tired of at all and I can't wait that the sun comes out to wear them – the 3 styles in silk/cotton, the viscose set with the placed print ARANCIA (supelove!) and the ALICIA hoodie - in pink with the WOMANKIND print and in black with the “MIDLIFE CRISIS” printed on the sleeves. And of course the DARIA bag! I'll write another post about the “perfect holiday wardrobe”... 


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